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1 House Building Advance

AIS officers are eligible for HBA of Rs. 40.00 Lakh


This Advance can be sanctioned for the following purpose:-

(a) Constructing a new house
(b) Purchase of a ready-built house
(c) Repairs of houses owned by Government servants including extension
(d) To redeem a non-Government loan or loans already drawn for purchase or construction

Require Documents:-

1) Requisition letter,
2) Form-42
3) Documents relating to the property ( sale deed, EC, katha, position certificate, tax paid receipt, site plan)

Current interest rate is 8.5% PA

Recovery :-

Principal maximum 180 installments

Interest Maximum 60 installments.


The house built or purchased or repaired together with
the land on which it stands must be mortgaged to Government


HBA Rules

HBA Advances Orders

FD HBA GO 2014

FD GO 8.5% interest

F D GO HBA- 05 05 2015

HBA FD GO 2017

2 Motor Car Advance

Maximum 1,20,000/- can be sanctioned 


220. (a) [(i).- In the case of purchase of a Motor Car, an advance equal to 35 months pay or Rs.1,20,000 or the price of the car to be purchased whichever is least may be sanctioned as first advance, and Rs 1,20,000 less the profit earned on the sale of the previous vehicle purchased with a Government loan (i.e., the excess of the sale proceeds over the price paid at the time of purchase) or 35 months pay or the price of the car to be purchased whichever is least may be sanctioned as subsequent advances’.

Current interest rate is 12.5% PA

Recovery :-

Principal maximum 100 installments

Interest Maximum 20 installments.


The conveyances purchased will have to be mortgaged to Government, and the mortgage will be released on liquidation of the full amount of advance together with interest thereon.

3 GPF Advances

Officers can take advance from there GPF Fund balance


The provisions in the. rules have now been reviewed and it has been decided to
permit the subscriber to prefer an advance from General Provident Fund (Central Service) Rules 1960 for the following purposes:

(i) Illness of self, family members or dependents,

(ii) Education of family members or dependent of the subscriber. Education will
include primary, secondary and higher education, covering all streams and
educational institutions,

(iii) Obligatory Expenses viz. betrothal; marriage, funerals, or other ceremonies,

(iv) Cost of Legal proceedings, .

(v) Cost of defence,

(vi) Purchase of consumer durables,

(vii) Pilgrimage and visiting places of eminence. This will include any travel and .
tourism related activities.

3. It has been decided to enhance the limit of advance upto 12 months of pay or
three-fourth of the amount at credit, whichever is less. Amount of advance will be recoverable in a maximum of 60 installments. The advance may be sanctioned by the declared Head of Office .


Amended Rules

4 GPF Withdrawal

After the completion of Ten Years of Services officer may withdrawal amount from there GPF
account for certain purpose



1) House Building / Purchase / Repair / loan reimbursement
2) Education - This will include primary, secondary and higher education, covering all streams and institutions,
3) Obligatory Expenses viz. betrothal, marriage, funerals, or other ceremonies of self or family members and dependants,
4) Illness of self, family members or dependants,
5) Purchase of consumer durables.

Maximum amount of withdrawal

In case of House building / Purchase / Loan reimbursement, illness upto ninety percent of the balance at the credit of the subscriber in the Fund

withdrawal of upto twelve months pay or three-fourth
of the amount standing at credit, whichever is less for other purposes

  Amended Rules

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