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Karnataka Civil Service (General Recruitment) Rules, 1977



Karnataka Civil Service (General Recruitment) Rules, 1977


Service Rules-A



 02 Order  GAD 84 SRR 63  28.09.1963  National Emergency-Recruitment of Technical personnel to Defence Services-Reservation of vacancies in civil services for persons who take up military service during the present emergency-Fixation of initial pay and seniority  English Service Rules-A  898.59 KB Download
 03 OM  GAD 37 SRR 73  04.02.1975  Appointment of sportsmen to class III and class IV posts  Englsih Service Rules-A  1.64 MB Download
 04 Circular  DPAR 14 SRR 77  10.05.1977  When once the applications of a govt servants is forwarded to the KPSC or the other recruiting authority by the competent authority. The Govt Servant should be relieved without delay if he is selected and appointed in any other department of 
 English Service Rules-A  357.74 KB  Download
05 Order DPAR 35 SRR 77 14.04.1978 Regulation relating to the physical examination of candidates recruited to Class-I and Class II posts in the State Services English Service Rules-A  8.00 MB Download
06 Circular DPAR 1 IFP 836 20.08.1983 clarification reg. Karnataka Civil Services (Regulation of Promotion, Wages and Pensions) Rules, 1978 Rule 2 (3) Kannada Service Rules-A 5.77 MB Download
 07 Order DPAR 12 SSR 90  30.05.1990  National Emergency-Recruitment of persons to Defence Services-seniority reg  English Service Rules-A  602.70 KB Download
08 Notification  DPAR 13 SRR 92  01.04.1992  The Karnataka Civil Services (General Recruitment) (Thirty Ninth Amendment) Rules, 1992 English Service Rules-A  722.82 KB Download
09 Official Memorandum DPAR 23 SRR 1993 29.06.1992 Appointment of candidtes selected by the public service commission/ recruitment committees- Avoidance of Delay- Instruction  English  Service Rules-A  971.39kb Download
10 Official memorandum DPAR 14 SRR 1991 28.09.1993 National Emergency - Recruitment Excellence in the Armed Forces Kannada  Service Rules-A 1009.05kb Download
11 Official Memorandum DPAR 5 SRR 1992 15.06.1994 karnataka Civil Services (General Recruitment ) (Forty-third amendment) Rules 1994 English Service Rules-A 4.38mb Download
12 Circular DPAR 214 A.HI.SE 94 15.12.1994 About recruiting employees in the Minister's close branch Kannada Service Rules-A 2.75mb Download
13 Notification DPAR 16 SRR 1995 15.03.1996 KCS (GR) Rules 1977 Amendment of Rule-2,after the word "studied' the words 'in the state of karnataka shall be inserted. and amendement of rule -3B English Service Rules-A 1.08mb Download
14 Order DPAR 34 SRR 1995 15.07.1996 KCS (GR) Rules 1977 Amendment to Rule 9 (1B), 30 per cent women reservation Kannada Service Rules-A 1.82mb Download
15 Notification DPAR 14 SRR 2000 11.10.2000 KCS (GR) Rules 1977 Amendment to Rule 15-56th amendment English Service Rules-A 1.11mb Download
16 Notification DPAR 23 SRR 1999 23.11.2000 KCS (GR) Rules 1977 Amendment to Rule 9 English Service Rules-A 1.86mb Download
17 Order DPAR 6 SRR 2001 13.02.2001 Clarification on filling vacant positions reserved for women in direct recruitment of government services and implementation of various reservations Kannada Service Rules-A 2.81mb Download
18 Order DPAR 8 SRR 2001 13.02.2001 About issuing certificates to rural candidates Kannada Service Rules-A 3.62MB Download
19 Circular DPAR 44 SRR 2001 27.07.2001 On the issue of Reservation Certificate of Candidate of Family Excluded from Schemes kannada Service Rules-A 2.96mb Download
20 Notification DPAR 34 SRR 2002 02.03.2002 KCS (GR) Rules 1977 Amendment to Rule 3 English Service Rules-A 1.29mb Download
21 Notification DPAR 57 SRR 2001 22.05.2002 Adding to the Karnataka Civil Service (General Recruitment) Rules, Rule 4A of 1977 (FOREGOING PROMOTION) English Service Rules-A 1.40mb Download
22 Notification DPAR 29 SRR 1997 08.04.2002 Amendment to Rule 13 of the Karnataka Civil Service (General Recruitment) Rules, 1977 English Service Rules-A 1.13mb Download
23 Notification DPAR 71 SRR 2001 24.10.2002 Addition of Karnataka Civil Service (General Recruitment) Rules, Rule 9 (1) (C) of 1977 - Reservation for Candidates studied in Kannada Media English Service Rules-A 1.02mb Download
24 Notification DPAR 60 SRR 2002 27.11.2002 Revised route instructions for examining candidates' conduct and pre-history when direct recruitment Kannada Service Rules-A 137.68mb Download
25 Notification DPAR 74 SRR 2002 29.01.2003 Amendment to KSA (General Recruitment) Rules, Rule 5 (5) of 1977 - Increase from 4th to 7th Class English Service Rules-A 794.95kb Download
26 Notification DPAR 45 SRR 2003 02.07.2003 Regarding implementation of the Supreme Court ruling dated 06/05/2003 in relation to the appointment of candidates who are recruited in rural areas. Kannada Service Rules-A 4.97mb Download
27 Notification DPAR 86 SRR 2002 04.09.2003 Amendment to Rule 9 of the KCS (General Recruitment) Rules, 1977 Kannada Service Rules-A 762.10kb Download
28 Notification DPAR 111 SRR 2002 03.02.2004 Amendment to Rule 3 of the KCS (General Recruitment) Rules, 1977 English Service Rules-A 852.59kb Download
29 Notification DPAR 147 SRR 2004 25.07.2004 Amendment to Rule 16(A) of the KCS (General Recruitment) Rules, 1977 English Service Rules-A 1.02mb Download
30 Order DPAR 96 SRR 2000 10.08.2005 About issuing certificates to candidates for rural reservation facility Kannada Service Rules-A 1.29MB Download
31 Notification DPAR 50 SRR 2000 03.09.2005 Amendment to Rules 2 and 9 of the KSA (General Recruitment) Rules, 1977 - Disabled Reservation English Service Rules-A 1.65mb Download
32 Notification DPAR 115 SRR 2005 19.11.2005 Registration of Disabled Candidates for Assignment of Disabilities in the Directorate of Vacancies in State Civil Service Kannada Service Rules-A 2.73mb Download
33 Order DPAR 23 SRE 2006 06.09.2007 Conversion of direct recruitment into vacant positions Kannada Service Rules-A 872.23kb Download
34 Order DPAR 74 SRR 2006 30.10.2007 About allowing blind / visionary candidates to have a scribe to write exams in competitive exams Kannada Service Rules-A 2.66mb Download
35 Notification DPAR 142 SRR 2006 05.11.2007 Amendment to Rule 13 of the KSA (General Appointment) Rules, 1977 - Exemption from fee for the disabled English Service Rules-A 780.50kb Download
36 Notification DPAR 42 SRR 2008 18.12.2008 Amendment to Rule 6 of the Karnataka Civil Service (General Recruitment) Rules, 1977 (Increase of maximum age limit) Kannada Service Rules-A 1.72mb Download
37 Circular DPAR 55 SRR 2008 15.01.2009 Increasing the maximum age limit for recruitment to the posts in the State Civil Services for a period of 2 years Kannada Service Rules-A 2.01mb Download
38 Notification DPAR 21 SRR 2008 03.08.2009 Regarding the provision of disabled persons in the A&B category as provision for disabled persons in Rule 9 of 1977, Rule 9 of 1977 Kannada Service Rules-A 13.45mb Download
39 Notification DPAR 48 SRR 2009 20.01.2010 Amendment to Rule 15 of the KSA (General Appointment) Rules, 1977 English Service Rules-A 1.76mb Download
40 Notification DPAR 21 SRR 2009 30.03.2010 Amendment to KSA (General Appointment) Rules, Rule 9 (1AA) of 1977 - Plan Refugee Reservation English Service Rules-A 1.68mb Download
41 Official Memorandum DPAR 149 SRR 2010 18.10.2010 Regular review of the conduct and preferences of the candidates for direct recruitment to the posts in the State Civil Service and to issue orders on timely completion of the consultation period Kannada Service Rules-A 1.38mb Download
42 Order DPAR 171 SRR 2010 19.11.2010 About providing additional time to write a Gazetteed Probationer's Main Examination for candidates with mobility impairment and locomotor disability that impairs writing ability Kannada Service Rules-A 1.02mb Download
43 Circular DPAR 2 SBC 2012 28.06.2012 About filling backlog of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes pending in various Departments of Government and various Corporations / Authorities coming under their purview. Kannada Service Rules-A 2.24mb Download
44 Notification DPAR 179 SRR 2012 07.09.2012 Disabled Persons (Equal Opportunity, Rights Protection and Full Participation) Act, 1995 on the role of the Department of Women and Child Development in the recognition of state civil service posts for persons with disabilities. English Service Rules-A 1.77mb Download
45 Notification DPAR 179 SRR 2012 09.10.2012 Disabled Persons (Equal Opportunity, Rights Protection and Full Participation) Act, 1995 on the role of the Department of Women and Child Development in the recognition of state civil service posts for persons with disabilities. English Service Rules-A 1.73mb Download



DPAR 179 SRR 2012


The executive posts identified for persons with Disabilities" is omitted with immediate effect


 Service Rules-A

 459.04 KB




DPAR 235 SRR 2012


Forming a committee to consider the demands of the National Federation of the Blind


Service Rules-A

1.03 MB




DPAR 30 SRR 2013


Karnataka Civil Service (General Recruitment) (71st Amendment) Rules, 2013


Service Rules-A

2.42 MB


49 OM DPAR 417 SRR 2014 06.12.2014 Implementation of Article 371 (j) of the Constitution of India, after the creation of a local body, to cover the roster points for the rest of the original group Kannada Service Rules-A 1.16 MB Download
 50 Order DPAR 273 SRR 2013  13.03.2015  Disability Persons (Equal Opportunity, Protection of Rights and Full Service) Act, 1995  Kannada Service Rules-A  992.58 KB Download
 51 Notification  DPAR 184 SRR 2013  14.05.2015  Karnataka Civil Services (General Recruitment) and certain other Rules (Amendment) Rules, 2015  English Service Rules-A  1.61 MB Download
 52 Order DPAR 3 SBC 2015  03.10.2015  Consider the remaining vacant positions as backlogs without filling up the shortage of candidates from other backward classes in direct recruitment to the posts in State Civil Service  Kannda Service Rules-A  1.77 MB Download
53 Circular DPAR 568 SRR 2015 06.07.2016 - Kannada Service Rules-A 866.95 KB Download
54 Order DPAR 235 SRR 2012 22.112016 Regarding the next appointment of a disabled candidate without a specified disability in the vacant positions reserved for persons with disabilities in the State Civil Service under the Disabled Persons (Equal Opportunity, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 Kannada Service Rules-A 1.13 MB Download
55 Circular DPAR 431 SRR 2016 28.12.2016 Exemption from application fee for disabled applicants applying for direct recruitment of State Civil Service posts Kannada Service Rules-A 824.45 KB Download
56 Circular DPAR 568 SRR 2015 25.02.2017  Details of Direct recruitment notification for State Civil Service posts are mandatory on the Government of Karnataka web site  Kannada Service Rules-A 933.35 KB Download
57 Order DPAR 314 SRR 2017  30.06.2017  Appointment of a nodal officer on behalf of the DPAR Department for the effective implementation of the privileges granted to disabled persons under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016  Kannada Service Rules-A  750.89 KB Download
58 Circular DPAR 696 SRR 2016 06.07.2017 Recruitment of every candidate in the country from 1st to 10th standard in the Kannada media under Karnataka Civil Service (General Recruitment) Rules, Rule 9 (1) (c) of 1977 Kannada Service Rules-A 1.04 MB Download
 59 Order  DPAR 6 SRR 2017 05.01.2018  Establishment of a Committee headed by a retired Secretary to look into the appointment process of the State Civil Service posts and the promotion of reservation for the disabled  Kannada Service Rules-A  856.70 KB Download
 60 Circular  DPAR 76 SRR 2018  15.02.2018  Steps to be taken by the Recruitment Authority to appoint candidates who are selected by direct recruitment to the State Civil Service posts  Kannada Service Rules-B  1.82 MB Download
61 Notification DPAR 191 SRR 2015 01.07.2019

KCS (GR) Rules-1977 amendment of rule-1, Amendment of Rule-3 "or officiation, or as the case may be," shall be omitted.

amendment of Rule-5- minimum educational qualification for appointment of group-D-SSLC

Amendment of Rule 19 

English Service Rules-A 1.94mb Download
62 Order dpar 10 srr 2019 17.07.2019
Candidates submit verification of academic certificates of 
Universities issued to them
Kannada Service rules-A 1.74mb Download
63 Order DPAR 56 SRR 2020 15.04.2020
To make it mandatory to obtain caste and income certificate 
(E-validity) under the service validity scheme for recruitment to
the State Civil Service
 Kannada Service Rules-A 1.85mb Download
 64 Notification  DPAR 657 SRR 2018 20.05.2020 No persons shall be appointed to any service or post unless the appointing authority is satisfies that the certificates pertaining to qualifications, income and caste etc., of the candidates are true and valid English Service Rules-A  2.65mb Download
 65  Notification  DPAR 149 SRR 2020  28.08.2020  For the the words "Physically Handicapped" the word persons with bench mark disability shall be substituted  English  Service Rules-A  2.98mb Download
 66  Circular  DPAR 10 SRR 2019  08.09.2020  
 About the cost of issuing and confirming online papers to prevent government employment based on fake Scrorecards
 Kannada  Service rules-A  1.72mb Download
 67  Order  DPAR 149 SRR 2020  25.09.2020  
Implementation of Balance Reservation for Disabled 
Persons in Direct Appointments to State Civil Service
 Kannada  Service Rules-A  288.49mb Download
 68  Notification  DPAR 19 SRR 2020  12.10.2020  
Amendment to Rules 5 and 11 of the General 
Recruitment Rules
 Kannada  Service Rules-A  4.11mb Download
 69 Order DPAR 272 SRR 2013 09.11.2020  
Providing facilities for scripting, writing, 
etc. Written Competitive Examinations to be
conducted by the Selection Authority for direct recruitment
of candidates with bench mark disabilities
 Kannada Service Rules-A 1.46mb Download
 70  Corrigendum  DPAR 272 SRR 2013  17.12.2020  Corrigendum for the Order No. DPAR 272 SRR 2013  Kannada  Service Rules-A  2.33mb Download
 71  Order  DPAR 272 SRR 2013  11.02.2021  withdrawel of Corrigendum for the Order No. DPAR 272 SRR 2013 dt 17.12.2020  Kannada  Service Rules-A  7.6mb Download
72 Order DPAR 272 SRR 2013 11.02.2021
providing Scribes for writing examination
Kannada Service Rules-A 2.20mb Download
73 Circular DPAR 21 SRR 2021 18.02.2021
Explicit mention of facilities provided to disabled persons in the recruitment notifications
Kannda Service Rules-A 3.12mb Download
74 Notification DPAR 179 SRR 2020 06.07.2021 Amendement of General Recruitment Rule 3, 9 and 16 English Service Rules-A 4.42mb Download
75 Notification DPAR 252 SRR 2020 p-1 07.07.2021
English Service rules-A 3.91mb Download
76 Order DPAR 179 SRR 2020 14.07.2021 Identifying the 19th point in horizontal reservation Kannada Service Rules-A 1.70mb Download
77 Notification DPAR 179 SRR 2020 30.07.2021 Providing that no Government Officer, belonging to any other service or posts shall be transferred deputed or posted to the category of post of Tashildar Grade-I and Tahsildar Grade-II English Service Rules-A 2.89mb Download
78 Circular DPAR 179 SRR 2020 21.09.2021 Providing reservation for transgender in Private sector Kannada Service rules-A 2.52mb Download
79 NOTIFICATION DPAR 106 SRR 2021 10.12.2021 Filling of vaccancies by following post based classification instead of vaccancy based classification kannada Service rules-A 3.97mb Download
80 Notification DPAR 215 SRR 2022 21.12.2022 Insertion of Rule 16A Draft Rules English Service Rules-A 4.52mb Download
81 Govt Order Dpar 12 Srr 2023 23.01.2023 Regarding the provision of clerical services for writing departmental examinations conducted by the Karnataka Public Service Commission Kannada Service Rules-A  1.20mb Download
82 Govt Order Dpar 121 Srr 2020 28.03.2023 Reservation in promotion for disabled and roster  of 100 points Kannada Service Rules-A 1.49mb Download
‌Dpar 121 Srr 2020 01.04.2023 Corrigendum regarding reservation in promotion order Kannada Service Rules-A 393.11 KB Download
84 Govt Order Dpar 02 SBC 2023 08.03.2023
Regarding Fixation of Roster for Implementation of Various Horizontal 
in Direct Recruitment to Posts in State Civil Services (100 Points)
 Kannada  Service Rules-A  1.85mb  ‌Download
 85  Notification  Dpar 215 srr 2022  09.03.2023  
Regarding addition of 16A to General Recruitment Rules 16 regarding unit transfer
 English  Service Rules-A  2.49mb Download
86 Notification Dpar 204 srr 2022 21.03.2023
Reservation in direct recruitment for medal winning sportspersons in 
state civil service posts
Kannada Service Rules-A 1.50mb Download
87 Circular Dpar 14 Srr 2023 03.02.2023
 Kannada  Service Rules-A  386.25 KB Download


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