DPAR Accounts A deals with Preparation of Salary Bills in HRMS pertaining to Group C Officials of KGS and Deputation Employees.  Supplementary bills namely Charge Allowances, Pay Fixation, EL Encashment, DA Arrears, Pay Revision and other related works, Bills submit to State Huzur Treasury for ECS Payments.  Salary Bills pertaining to  Contract Employees (Boards / Corpn & Reappointment cases).  Income Tax Calculation & TDS and issue of Form 16.  Festival Advance, Budget Remuneration, Honorarium, Session Allowance and Medical Reimbursement bills of Group A Officers of KGS​

Cash 01 Section deals with bills pertaining to all Officers Salary and TA Bills, scrutinising and passing of Non Salary DC Bills of KGS, CMO Sectt and All Ministers TA Bills/Electrcity/Water, House Rent and other DC Bills- DS and Above and Judicial Officers Electricity/Water bills Home Orderly and Refreshment Bills- Legislature Allowance and Budget Remunneration Bills- Non Salary TDS Deduction- Remittances of Cheques to RBI- HBA/HDFC/MCA/CPA Advance Related douments storing,Bills pertaing to Contract employees salary Bills 

TA Bills of All Officers/Staff of KGS – Telephone, Mobile Bills of Under Secretary – Bills from DPAR Exe- CM and Other Ministers TA Bills, Electricity Water, House Rent and Vehicle Service bills passing and submitting to Treasury
Group C and D Medical Bills and Festival Advance